A turbocharger – more commonly known as a turbo – is an adjunct to a compression-ignition, spark-ignition or internal combustion engine. It is used to fill the air cylinders by increasing the pressure of the gases. It is an indispensable element of a turbo diesel engine .

This highly technical organ is formed by a compressor, a turbine and a central axis. The turbine takes advantage of the exhaust gases to transmit the kinetic energy to the compression wheel. The central axis is installed on hydraulic bearings and connects the two main elements of the turbocharger which are the compression wheel and the turbine. All of these parts are called  chra turbo  and remain the major part of the turbo. The rotation speed of the assembly can exceed 250 000 revolutions per minute. Generally, this speed fluctuates from 100,000 to 200,000 rpm.

The car turbo is designed to improve the power of a motor vehicle explosion or combustion. The exhaust gases from the engine will be used to turn the fins or the propeller that makes up this part. The fins or turbine operate the compressor. The latter will suck the ambient air to compress it immediately after. The compressed air will be cooled and will pass into the cylinders. These increase the power of the engine. Mechanical losses are minimal or non-existent. 

The turbocharged engine has several advantages over conventional engines. In most cases, it is used in racing cars. It is simple to install, lightweight and compact. It is very effective in the high revs of the engine. No need to use an ultra-powerful engine to get a vehicle at high speed, this system is enough to propel a car. The energy of the engine is preserved, there is no sampling at this level since it is the kinetic energy obtained by the exhaust gases that are exploited. Yet the exhaust gases are intended to be evacuated and disposed of.

In environmental terms, this kind of engine is environmentally friendly because with the turbo, it is possible to have the same power with a smaller engine and therefore less fuel-hungry and therefore less polluting.

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